Where Ability Meets Opportunity

Linking fine talents of candidates with opportunities available within an organization is matchmaking at its best. At RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd., we transform this into an art worth emulating. Blending the needs of recruiters with the aspirations of jobs seekers, RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd. provides a platform where both sides come close, identify each other requirements and make informed decisions.

RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd., a promising young go-getter, honed his skills by working with one of India’s best-known recruitment companies and gained an unparalleled understanding of the distinct recruitment needs of organization in the Middle East. It goes without saying the MD applied the same high principles and values at the time of starting RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd..

About RPML

At RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd. clients and candidates can benefit from the four-decade strong recruitment track records of an experienced team that strictly follows a Zero-Compromise approach in every aspect of the recruitment procedure. Under RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd.'s able leadership and experienced team's support, RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd. &Consultancy has evolved into a result-driven organization focusing on fulfilling the distinct needs of business establishments that approach the organization for its services.

RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd.

No wonder RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a preferred Human Resources Consultancy for organization in the Middle East and across the globe. RPML Manpower & Service Pvt. Ltd. promises and delivers the quality services of Overseas & Indian Recruitment to Clients and candidates through integrity innovate and partnership. We provide a communication platform to link a gap bridge between job seekers talent/Skill with Clients requirements.

Message From MD

I entered in the industry with an ambition to full human resources requirement of organization worldwide and gradually become adept at providing quality services to client organizations. Personally, believe meeting and exceeding expectations of our client organization is key to our success.

Considering this, I am committed to maximizing client satisfaction through value-added services, which will meet client requirement in the most cost effective manner. I also emphasize on constant innovation as this paves the way for future success. I encourage my employees from time to time to come up with innovative ideas and follow new trends in the market as all of this enhances overallproductivity...

As a group of people working for organization goals, my team believes in excellence and settles for nothing less than it. The team members demonstrate strong customer focus through high responsiveness and empathy towards customer needs and objectives. They exhibit consistency between words and deeds and do what is the best for the client, thus building mutual trust and respect. Nurturing decade-old ties and maintaining and taking forward the new ones, have become the norms of the organization.

We strive to take care of our client needs in the most professional manner and simultaneously offer prospective candidate hisdream job. we adhere to our morals and values such as personal-level client interaction and long- term relationship with the client organization, irrespective of its size and location.

I strongly believe in the principle " Let your work speak for itself."

Our Clients

We can include some of our clients at your request a list of recent valued clients, representing a wide spectrum of industries that will gladly recommend our company to you.